Should you learn First Aid & CPR?

Some sobering facts:

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among adults in Canada 1
The brain begins to die in as little as 3 minutes after cardiac arrest and irreversible brain death occurs after approximately 10 minutes 2
Paramedic response times in Toronto average only about 12 minutes 3
An estimated 5% 4 of the GTA's 6,000 sudden cardiac arrests per year 5 get resuscitated

The good news:

Effective CPR administered within 4 minutes will greatly slow the countdown to brain death
Effective CPR will keep organs and tissues alive while waiting for paramedics to arrive
Seattle's resuscitation rate is an enviable 38% 6 because it is estimated that up to 60% of the population knows First Aid and CPR (compare that to 15% of the GTA population)
Odds are that your skills will end up being used to save a family member 7

Do you see how you could make the difference in a loved one's life? Isn't it time you considered learning First Aid & CPR?

1. By 2001, cardiovascular disease accounted for 34% of all Canadian deaths
2. See and
3. Reported by CityNews and Toronto's 680 News June 18, 2008
4. Circulation (Journal of the American Heart Association) Vol. 112, No. 22 November 29, 2005, p 10. Toronto EMS estimates that save rates have recently risen to 7.5% due in great part to its Cardiac Safe City program of Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) deployment
5. Extrapolated based on HSFC's estimated Canadian rate of 40,000 cardiac arrest deaths per year and the GTA's population comprising 15% of Canada's 33 million
6. See
7. 79% of all cardiac arrests happen in the home

Courses and Pricing (GST extra)

Emergency First Aid (6.5 hours class time) ............ $60.00
Standard First Aid (13 hours class time) ................ $100.00
Level A (Adult) CPR (4 hours class time) ................ $45.00
Level C CPR
(Adult, Child, Infant, & 2-Rescuer; 6.5 hours) ............. $60.00
Level C CPR Recertification (3-4 hours class time)....... $45.00

What students are saying about us...

"The instructor explains the topics clearly, inputs real life experience, is humorous at times and doesn't make the seminar boring."

"I liked the way the instructor explained the lessons and was very humorous."

"Thank you for making this training course an interesting one."

"Teaches in a loud, clear voice, gives information and instructions well; a funny and cool teacher."

"Keep up the good work and don't lose your sense of humour."

"I enjoyed everything about this seminar, especially that I can apply everything I learned with my family first, and then with others."

"This course has equipped me with the right information and skills to perform effectively."

"The instructor was very knowledgeable, funny and interactive."

"I enjoyed his teaching style - informative but not overly serious. It was fun."

"I liked the way the instructor presented all the material and got us all involved."

"Everything was great. I had no First Aid training and now I think I could help save someone."

"The instructor engages participants, utilizes humour and deals directly with the subject matter."

"Everything was very informative and can be used in everyday life."

"The instructor spoke in a language I could easily understand and not medical terminology."

"He kept everything informal and fun."

"I enjoyed his sense of humour, new info he provided and his knowledge of the course."

"I liked the way the instructor puts a little humour into the training and made the class laugh."

"The instructor made the class interactive and was able to keep things light while being serious."

"Very informative. Lots of useful info that could be used in everyday situations."

"I liked the way the instructor presented the information in an organized and interesting way. Well presented and helpful in increasing First Aid confidence."

"The instructor interacts as well as explaining procedures & methods. Friendly and intelligent!"

"Kept the course going and interactive. The stories and life experiences kept my interest."

"It wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. He kept it interesting and fun and used a variety of different ways to teach us."